Tottenham travelled to Spotland, complete with its re-laid pitch, for an FA Cup fifth round game this afternoon.

Mauricio Pochettino made eleven changes to the team which drew against Juventus, bringing back Toby Alderweireld and Danny Rose after lengthy injury breaks.

Now it’s your chance to rate each Spurs players performance in the game using our player rater, then leave your thoughts on the game and result in the comments section below!

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  1. Big stu 1 year ago

    Poch clueless in balancing a 2nd eleven. The team he put out today shocking. With no midweek game Erickson and Dembele had To be included plus Vertonghen. Toby either unfit or has lost form. Llorente is hopeless, Kane has to start if not injured. Shocking performance!!!!!

  2. George 1 year ago

    Lucas was the star of the show, with Trippier not far behind. Wanyama looked half asleep, Sissoko dashed around to little effect, and even Winks caught the bug from them. Foyth had some good moments, but Toby looked rusty and uncertain. God, how the team misses Eriksen when he’s not playing!

  3. georgeful 1 year ago

    If Poch believes we learnt from the Newport Game, I think we need to sack the teacher, if you played these two game along side each other it would be difficult to spot the difference

  4. Brendan Morrison 1 year ago

    Llorente starting means we only had teen men. Lots of indifferent performances. Embarrassing!

  5. Bill 1 year ago

    Poch got it wrong play the best team possible get the game done quick then substitute . Lorennte should be sold he is shite.

  6. Travers Sinanan 1 year ago

    Sell sisoko and llorente buy defoe he is Spurs through and through and can score goals.

  7. Sadru Dharamsy 1 year ago

    The starters played as a bunch of total strangers. Pathetic as starters. Rose cannot cross a ball if his life depended on it. Why does he go in the attack mode and leave his fellow defenders exposed? Cut him

  8. Graham 1 year ago


  9. George Etherington 1 year ago

    terrible performance Players & Manager let us all down , this Manager does not seem to realize that the FA Cup is the most important competition for most supporters it is something special in our country the champions league would be great but no chance for a year or two lets be real one step at a time then maybe just maybe if you had a Sunday team you would not change 11 players in one hit against a settled side


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